Educational Organization

Education is not the filling of a pail,
But the lighting of a fire.

William Yeats

¿Who we are?

LaCaravanaEscuela is a non-profit, educational organization dedicated to the teaching of timeless artisanal trades, with a specific emphasis on the transformative art of blacksmithing. Our intention is spreading ancient knowledge to rural communities, enabling them to meet urgent needs throughout Latin America, starting with a focus in Venezuela.

In order to serve such remote places, LaCaravanaEscuela has developed an itinerant educational system that allows for an experience that is both honest and practical, and fitted to the needs of each individual community.


Communities Visited with specialized retraining


Forging Workshops operational and in follow-up


Farmers formed


Forged tools and the account continues to rise

¿What we do?

Through week-long Classes led by experienced blacksmiths, we train local community members to be competent blacksmiths themselves, with skills sufficient to repair and fabricate the farming and ranching tools they need to support their livelihood and create a path to strengthened community economic viability.

At the end of each brigade, Caravana Escuela leaves behind skilled community members and the physical tools, forge and fuel needed to continue the work. Taken together, these capabilities create not only a path to better lives but also a community with a promising future – the conditions that give young people confidence to visualize a personal future in the community and, therefore, a reason to stay.  

Educating for the future

The mission of LaCaravanaEscuela is to reverse this migration and bring back the teachings of lost trades and practical skills and, hopefully, spark individual and community development.

Forging new connections

The communities chosen by LaCaravanaEscuela are essentially agricultural.

The base shop

The operational heart of LaCaravanaEscuela is located in the Venezuelan Andes, in an agricultural area called El Valle, close to the city of Merida.

Generating Change

The concepts and practices that define LaCaravanaEscuela program were tested and refined through two brigades in the paramo (high mountains) of the Venezuelan Andes.

An Echo Of The Project in time

Each one of the communities of LaCaravanaEscuela now has a stable workshop that will expand and develop over time

Our Team

Daniel Souto

Deserter of the conventional educational system, with more than 20 years of experience in iron forging, he decided to create LaCaravanaEscuela to share his educational experience with the world and perpetuate his passion for the trades.

Marcus Tobia

Architect by profession, carpenter, mountaineer. Having successfully climbed the Summit of Mount Everest and reached the North and South Pole on unsupported and walking expeditions, he is central to the success of this unprecedented educational project.

Sthephen Yusko

Master of Metal Engineering at Carbondale University in Illinois, BFA in sculpture in Alcron Ohio, resident of the Museum of Metals in Memphis, Tennessee and Rose Iron Works in Cleveland.



Latitude: 8° 35’ 44” N
Length: 70° 55’ 20” O
Altitude: 3.350 m.s.n.m.

El Desecho (Mucubají)

Latitude: 8° 47’ 50” N
Length: 70° 49’ 43” O
Altitude: 3.625 m.s.n.m

La Caña Alta (La Culata)

Latitude: 8° 42’48,6” N
Length: 71° 5’ 16,3” O
Altitude: 2.576 m.s.n.m.

La Toma

Latitude: 8° 45’00” N
Length: 70° 55’00” O
Altitude: 3.709 m.s.n.m


Latitude: 9° 01’48” N
Length: 70° 53’00” O
Altitude: 2.320 m.s.n.m

Los Nevados

Latitude: 8° 27’41” N
Length: 71° 04’ 30” O
Altitude: 4.090 m.s.n.m

Every miles counts, your contribution is important!
The Base Shop